I am an MSIA seminar leader -- can I use That Which Is for my Soul Awareness Seminar gatherings?

YES! If you are already a subscriber to That Which Is, you need only to upgrade your subscription for just an additional $4.99 a month to be able to use all the media on the site—Premium and otherwise—to play at your seminar.

How to upgrade:

– If you already have an active subscription, or even an expired subscription, click on Manage plan. Next to Actions, click upgrade. You will be prompted to provide new billing information and will start being charged $14.99/mo going forward.

-If you are signing up for TWI for the first time, click the purple Login/Subscribe button. Prior to providing payment info, you’ you will be prompted to choose between they standard $9.99/mo TWI Premium subscription and the $14.99/mo Seminar Leader SVOD subscription.

NOTE: This is only for approved MSIA seminar leaders. The option to upgrade to the Seminar Leader Plan will only appear on your screen if there is already a seminar leader role attached to your MSIA login credentials.

*SATs, Ministers and Initiates content are still off-limits for use at Soul Awareness Seminars and you will see a banner to remind you when you select those seminars.

Of course, Seminar leaders can continue to purchase titles from our online store in CD/DVD or downloadable MP3/MP4. However, the worldwide trend away from CDs and DVDs is getting more pronounced every year and more people are getting on board with accessing media online, either by streaming or downloading. MSIA is no exception and as of July 2020, all new audio and video releases are only available a by downloading MP3s and MP4s from the online store or by streaming them from That Which Is. MSIA still has plenty of seminar materials available on CDs and DVDs in our inventory but we are not planning to produce more once we run out of stock on any given title. So, this service is your best shot at having the most content available at your fingertips for future Soul Awarenss Seminars you host.