What is the aura?

The aura is a force field of electromagnetic energy that surrounds the body. When a person is healthy and balanced, their aura reflects their condition by being smooth with all parts of it being alive and having a clear color and free movement.

If a person is experiencing disturbance, it is reflected in the aura. The aura may change color or become cloudy or thicker. Parts of the aura may pull in closer than necessary to the body. The aura may lose energy and thus be less able to protect the body from outside forces impinging upon it.

Physical illness can be reflected in the aura — things as commonplace as a headache or as serious as pneumonia will show up in the aura. Many times, a weakness in the auric force field will indicate a high potential for illness or injury in the area of the weakness. If the aura can be brought into balance, the physical manifestation of the weakness may be avoided.

There are three primary levels to the aura: physical, emotional, and mental/spiritual. Each aura is separate, although all of them blend together. A weakness in any one of the auras will indicate a different situation.

Some types of human behavior have a direct effect on the aura, which then has a direct effect on the feelings of the person involved. Recreational drugs, as one example, place negativity in the aura. Because of the nature of the drug experience, definite changes happen to a person, their perception of their environment, their feelings, responses, etc.

Taking drugs often causes great irregularities in the aura. They may cause rips and tears to appear as the energy around the body is really blasted by the force of the drugs. As this occurs, it creates energy drains from the aura. Because the aura is depleted, the electromagnetic protection that the body normally has, is gone, and the body is left more vulnerable to illness, fatigue, emotional turmoil, etc.

Abuse of alcohol can also cause serious disturbance to the aura and can cause it to become thick, sluggish and murky but will not destroy it to the extent that drugs will. With time, if the person no longer drinks alcohol, the effects of the alcohol will dissipate out of the aura. The damage caused by drugs will still be visible in the aura even years later.

Emotional upset of any serious nature can also cause distress to the auric force field. It can weaken it and leave the person vulnerable to future emotional instability as well as to physical illness.

When the aura is in good shape, the person is more able to cope with, and withstand, the pressures and activities of life. The force field surrounds the body and protects it from the impingement of negative forces from outside the body. Also, because we perceive our environment through our aura, an unclear or weakened auric field will give us a confusing or uncertain picture of the world. If the aura is clear and vital with positive energy, we have a sharper, more accurate view of the world and our relationship to it.