Why have an Aura Balance?


The aura balancing is really a “tune up” for your aura. You are providing yourself with a greater sensitivity to yourself and to your environment. You are getting rid of those things that cloud or confuse your energies. You are clearing out the negativity you have collected to yourself in the past and giving yourself the opportunity to “start fresh” and change inappropriate or ineffective behavior.

If you have been experiencing illness, unusual fatigue, or any type of emotional turmoil and have felt those things really “get to you”, you may want to consider having an aura balance. Fatigue can often indicate that there is either weakness in the aura, or there may be rips that are allowing the energy to drain.

If there have been areas where you feel you have betrayed yourself, let yourself down, not done as well as you could and you have judged yourself for these inadequacies, the self-judgment may have weakened and depleted the energy of the spiritual aura and an aura balancing would be indicated.

If you have been involved in any emotional situation in which you find it difficult to “let go”, an aura balancing can be of great assistance. Many emotional imbalances “lock into” the auric force field and just stay there. As long as they are there, you feel the energy of that situation. So your mind and your feelings continually return to it. The balancing can clear those areas and give you the opportunity to let go and find more balanced and fulfilling emotional patterns.