What is an Aura Balance?

Aura balances are a technique for clearing the aura (or energy field) that surrounds your physical body. In MSIA we offer a series of three aura balances: the first works in the physical aura; the second, in the emotional aura: the third, in the mental/spiritual aura. Each aura balance helps clear imbalances in the aura and strengthen the consciousness so it can better handle everyday stress, tension, and emotional changes; aura balances can also help bring the mind, body, and emotions into a greater creative flow. A balanced aura can assist you in having a more accurate perception of yourself and the world and being more available to the presence of Spirit in your life.

During the aura balance, the balancer asks that only that which is for the highest good be allowed to take place. The Light of the Holy Spirit and the Mystical Traveler consciousness work directly with you to balance the aura. The balancer just facilitates the process, using a pendulum as a point of focus through which these spiritual energies can work. You will be lying down during this process, and it helps to be relaxed and open to the spiritual energy present.

At the completion of this service, the body is encapsulated in many layers of Light. This will protect the aura while the spiritual changes continue to occur within your consciousness. Over the next three days, these layers of Light are gradually absorbed into your aura, strengthening it and bringing even more balance.

Given the sensitive nature of the aura balance and to ensure that this process takes place without any interference, it is highly recommended that you refrain completely from any sex, recreational drugs, or alcohol for at least 72 hours following this service. You may continue to take any medications prescribed for you by a physician. Engaging in sex, recreational drugs, or alcohol can produce a disruption in the protective layers of Light that are placed with you and may leave you less protected.

There is a minimum period of two weeks between each of the three aura balances in the series, and we recommend that you not wait longer than a year between each balance. Once the three-part series is complete, we also suggest that you get a touch-up aura balance every six months to one year, to assist the aura in maintaining its balance.

The cost of each aura balance is $100.00.