What happens during an Aura Balancing?

The person performing the aura balancing has been trained to sense irregularities in the aura, to perceive changes, understand the underlying causes of imbalance, release the imbalances, and bring the aura into balance. The balancer works with the “Light”, a positive, pure force of spiritual energy to release any negativity, and to replace the negativity with positive energy.

Working with the Light and with the Consciousness of the Mystical Traveler insures that only that which is for your highest good will take place. There will be no violation of your consciousness on any level. You will direct the session with the balancer’s assistance. Their work will be only as you allow it. The more you are willing and able to let go, the more the balancer will be able to help you release. Nothing will be forced. You will be worked with in love and cooperation to assist you in the aura balancing.

During the aura balance a pendulum will be used as a tool to locate areas of imbalance within the aura, release the imbalance, focus radiant energies from higher dimensions into the aura, and replace depleted areas with positive energy. As negativity is replaced with positive energy, greater clarity and balance come to all aspects of the consciousness.

When all imbalanced areas have been discovered and balanced, the person performing the balance will surround the body in many layers of Light. These serve as an added protection because the changes that begin in the aura balancing session will continue for many days. The Light that has been placed there will absorb into the aura to strengthen it as more changes take place.

Because there are different levels to the aura, a series of three aura balancings are recommended. The first balancing focuses primarily on the physical aura. Imbalances in the physical aura are dealt with and cleared. In the second balancing, the emotional aura is balanced. And in the third balancing, the mental/spiritual aura is cleared. This is the area of self-judgment, self-doubt, self-betrayal, etc. You will learn a special technique for loving and forgiving yourself which allows many things to release from your consciousness.

There is at least a two-week period between each aura balancing. This allows time for all the changes and adjustments to solidify from one aura balancing before going on to the next. Each balancing takes approximately forty minutes to an hour.