What is a polarity balance?

A polarity balance is a technique by which the energies of your body are brought into greater balance and the flow of energy within your body is enhanced. Energy blocks in your body can be created by many different things—anything from sitting improperly to thinking negatively. The effects of releasing these blocks can include more energy, lightness (as though a weight had been lifted), greater attunement to your body, and a greater ability to function physically in the world.

In the polarity balance, the Light of the Holy Spirit and the Mystical Traveler Consciousness work directly with the balancer, so that only that which is for the highest good takes place. Working with the Light, the balancer uses his or her hands to hold certain centers of the body. With one hand as the negative polarity and the other as the positive polarity, a circuit of Light is created, and Light energy is circled through these centers until each is balanced. The balance is primarily done at the spiritual level and the balancer is just there to facilitate the process.

At the completion of this service, a protection of Light is placed with you, while the spiritual changes continue to occur with your consciousness. Given the sensitive Nature of the polarity balance, and in order to ensure that this process takes place without any interference, it is highly recommended that you refrain completely from sex, recreational drugs, or alcohol for at least 72 hours following this service.

You may continue to take any medications prescribed for you by a physician. Engaging in sex, recreational drugs, or alcohol can produce a disruption in the protective layers of Light that placed with you and may leave you less protected.

The session requires from 45 to 60 minutes. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing so that the different polarity points on the body can be easily accessed. For women, a two-piece outfit is best (skirt and blouse, shirt and slacks, etc).

The cost for a polarity balance is $100.00.