What is an innerphasing?

Innerphasings are designed to assist you in changing habit patterns that no longer work for you. Innerphasings program out old, undesirable habits (for example, smoking, nervousness, fears) and program in new, desirable responses (for example, greater self-confidence, trust, inner peace). Innerphasings can be an effective way to free yourself from habits that are no longer “really you” but that you can’t seem to change through conscious efforts.

Because of conditioned learning and habitual patterns, we often experience unnecessary conflicts and restrictions to living successfully in the world. These blocks may be conscious but most often are stored in our unconscious levels, and they can be very challenging to surface and resolve.  Innerphasing is a technique of aligning the many levels of our consciousness so that we can live in “one accord” within ourselves.

By utilizing the innerphasing process, you can effectively remove these unnecessary blocks and release misdirected energies so that, more and more, you can enjoy what you already have and obtain what you really want.  

Unlike other techniques, such as hypnosis or subliminal tapes, an innerphasing works best by your being consciously aware of what is taking place throughout the entire process. In the innerphasing we also work directly with the Light of the Holy Spirit and the Mystical Traveler Consciousness so that only that which is for the highest good takes place. Working with these spiritual energies assists you in letting go of those things that you no longer need and in stepping into greater awareness of the grace that awaits you.  The work of the innerphasing is primarily done at the spiritual level. The minister doing the innerphasing for you is there just to facilitate the process.

In the innerphasing you also work with the basic self, which is an extremely important part of this process. This is the level of your consciousness that maintains the physical body and can be involved with instincts, memories, and habits. It is also the level through which you communicate with your higher self.

The basic self likes habits and moves into methodical procedures easily, and it tends to hang on to what it knows how to do, much of which it learned when you were very young. In order to bring new guidance to this powerful level of your consciousness, you need to get its attention. So, the purpose of the innerphasing is to create a channel of communication between you (as a conscious self) and your basic self, so that you can redirect negative or limiting habit patterns into more positive ones. You and your basic self are partners, learning to create what you want and to bring a more positive expression into what you do.