How do I prepare for an innerphasing service?

The session for the innerphasing requires approximately one hour. If the innerphasing is being done remotely, the minister doing your innerphasing will contact you to set up a time to do the innerphasing via Zoom, FaceTime, or over the telephone. Please bring a list of a maximum of three to five positive areas on which you would like to focus. In addition, if you wish, you can bring an additional list of negative areas you would like to release. After talking with the person doing the innerphasing to clarify the items you have chosen, you can make yourself comfortable and relax, while the innerphasing is recorded for you right then or the innerphasing may be recorded at a different time. Once the innerphasing is recorded, it will then be sent to you as an MP3 file and you can download it onto your phone, Ipad, computer, tablet.