What happens after an Aura Balancing?

When the aura balance is finished, the force field around the body will have been given the chance to renew itself to greater vitality and life. It has been charged with positive energy and is quite clear from negativity. It is necessary that you take care not to destroy that balance until it has a chance to become solidified. Any strong physical or emotional involvement may compromise the effectiveness of the aura balancing.

If you want your aura balance to hold and to work for you, it is important that you do not indulge in any sexual activity (which, because of the intensity of that experience, can create powerful changes in the physical aura), alcohol, or recreational drugs, for at least three days. It would also be wise to stay clear of any emotionally charged situation. You want to take care of yourself and allow the work still going on from the balance to be as effective and complete as possible.

We suggest, too, that if you are involved in the consistent use of drugs and have no intention of changing that pattern, you do not plan on having an aura balance. The drug pattern will hinder the effectiveness of the aura balancing. There is little reason to clear the aura from the effects of drug abuse, only to continue the pattern of drug abuse. If you have quit or intend to quit a drug pattern, then an aura balancing is highly recommended.